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LeftLion Issue 35

Monday, June 14th, 2010

LeftLion issue35 cover

What? There’s a football World Cup going on in South Africa? Well, they kept that one quiet… Yes, it’s that time again, regular as a leap year, when half the world goes football crazy, not least the media. The latest issue of LeftLion magazine manages to avoid the hype and deliver its usual gamut of interviews with local and national cultural talent. The footy still gets a nod though, in the form of this great cover image by Jason and Simon at Seismik design studio - a pastiche of the famous ‘66 photo of Bobby Moore lifting the trophy, with Bobby being replaced by Brian Clough and surrounded by other Notts football legends. There’s a nice grubby, hand-drawn texture to it which they’ve carried through onto the wallchart centrespread they also did for the mag. Nice work!

Download an online copy here (link is in comments section).

LeftLion Issue 32

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

LeftLion issue 32 cover

So, the end of the decade is upon us - the Noughties are over! With this in mind, the latest issue of LeftLion magazine takes a long hard look at the first ten years of the 21st century and the cultural nuggets it has spewed forth. After handing over cover duties on the previous issue to Rob White, this time it was back to me to produce the artwork for our first cover since winning the Nottingham Creative Business Writing & Publishing award in October.

We decided that a great way to represent the multitude of people, events and cultural milestones the decade will be remembered for was to nick someone else’s idea parody the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper cover, which did the same thing for the sixties. Hey, if it’s good enough for Peter Blake and the biggest band of all time, then it’s probably good enough for us too, right?

As well as cutting out all the ‘celebs’ who grace the cover (ranging from global leaders to local icons and interviewees), I will admit to cutting corners with the bottom of the image; I had originally intended to buy some flowers arrange and photograph to make up the letters for ‘Noughty Notts’ on the grass, as per the original album artwork. This idea was soon modified to the more realistic solution of drawing the floral lettering; however, a broken scanner and looming deadline meant the idea got watered down to using a font made from a flowery pattern.

To be honest, keeping it simple possibly works in the cover’s favour, keeping the clutter and fuss down, but I am a sucker for such extra little details. One thing I will definitely not be missing, though, is Photoshop’s pen tool, which I will now be doing my best to avoid for the next few weeks after becoming painfully familiar with it over the course of producing this cover.

A bigger version of the artwork can be seen here.

A digital PDF of the entire issue can be downloaded here.

LeftLion Issue 30

Sunday, August 9th, 2009

LeftLion issue 30 cover

So, in my post on issue 29 of LeftLion magazine, I mentioned a vague plan to use some vibrant illustration for the front cover of our fifth birthday issue. Well, we ended up with a photographic cover, but it does feature some illustrations - seven of them, in fact.

We decided, rather than settle for one illustration, it would be better to commision a bunch of our regular illustrators to each make us a birthday card. The cards were then set up in an arrangement suitable for a fifth birthday with cake, candles, crepe paper and all. The resulting setup was photographed by my good self, who then took great delight in making the cake disappear :o)

Thanks to Alex Godwin, George Mitchell, Kim Thompson, Rob White, Ging Inferior, Alison Hedley and Mike Lomon for their card contributions.