New Work: Valentine’s Day Speed Dating

Valentines poster

So, it’s St. Valentine’s Day this Sunday, the one day of the year where even the most emotionally stunted individuals get a chance to show their partner how much they care about them. And, for the un-hitched, what could be a more romantic way to celebrate it than going speed dating?  Yup, nothing; hence this event being held on the evening before, for which I was asked to produce the promo poster above.

Though the posters were digitally printed, the design was based around the principles of a 2 colour screenprint, right down to the white areas used to simulate the misregistered effect achieved when the different coloured screens are not aligned exactly.

Despite Short Round once famously claiming there is ‘no time for love Dr. Jones’, I’m sure even Indy could find time for a brief encounter under the 2 minute speed-dating rule.

If you or your business would like any posters designing either for digital/litho printing or for screenprinting, please contact me at

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