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Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

LeftLion issue 27 cover

THIS WEBSITE is a way for me to document my recent work and share my knowledge and experience of being a graphic designer for ten years. It seems fitting that my first post should coincide with me finishing the layout of issue 27 of Nottingham’s best free cultureĀ  mag, LeftLion. After 4Ā½ years of art directing and laying out the magazine every other month, I am stepping aside to let a new designer experience the joys of deadline weekend and the early-rising sun mocking you through the curtains as you frantically try to get all those film titles italicised before the presses start rolling.

I can’t say I’ll miss it much, especially as I’ll still be art directing the mag, using the extra time to plan further ahead, arrange photoshoots with higher production values and generally just help the magazine kick ass that much more while also remaining sane and working on some personal projects.

The image above is the cover for the latest issue of the magazine which covers Hoodtown’s finest happenings for Feb-March 2009. Like every other magazine of recent weeks, we’re taking a good hard headshaking look at the credit crunch. The inital plan was for me to either screenprint or redraw the cover with coloured pencils to give the impression that we can’t afford computers to put the magazine together (which isn’t too far from the truth), but time was in short supply, as is often the way with editorial entities, and we had to settle for my inital illustrator concept drawing. Still, once it’s printed on newsprint it will still look like it was done with leaky pens anyway so all will not be lost.

Now I’ve just got to finish organising the exhibition LeftLion are holding in the city this March to celebrate five years of publishing work by the finest writers, illustrators and photographers in the Queen of the Midlands. I’ll keep you informed of developments on this here blog thang. To subscribe to my RSS feed, click the link in the sidebar or the site footer. Thanks for stopping by.